I’m Ana, a mom to 4 bilingual children, and teacherpreneur. I’m here to:

  • Help moms to build confidence in teaching Spanish to their own little learners.
  • Help teachers with techniques and materials to engage and teach Spanish to children 2-6 years old, and
  • Help preschools and daycares to offer Spanish as a Second Language.
  • HOW DO I DO IT? With year-round programs, courses, and meetings. 
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After having children and knowing that I wanted them to speak Spanish at an early age, I knew I had to be consistent by using the language on  regular basis.  My journey and dedication to my own children helped me master a technique that I am able to duplicate with my students.  For over 13 years I have gained the  experience I need to create tools for daily language exposure using crafts, music, books, play time, and other activities making the language come to life. 

Spanish Play Dates© was created for that reason, speaking the language to our children at an early age helps with its acquisition.  This is why I share it with other moms looking to conquer the use of the Spanish language, and also with other teachers at heart/entrepreneurs who want to help other families to do the same.

This video is a flashback to some classes hosted at my own studio, libraries, bookstores, private sessions, at preschools and daycares, with homeschool families, online, remotely, and more. You will see activities, parties, baby and me classes, all with one mission: To expose children to the language as often as possible, as fun as possible, with games, music, crafts, and surprises that will engage the little mind in this magical process of learning Spanish one meeting at the time. 


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I’ve been teaching Spanish to early learners for over 13 years, but it wasn’t until I took the leap and started teaching in preschools, daycares, book stores, libraries, co-ops, mom's groups that I felt successful in knowing the key factors to help those little ones to learn the language.  Now I’m empowering other moms, teachers and business owners  through online programs and courses to do the same.


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