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No more wondering what to start teaching your little learners, this collection of 23 bilingual lessons will help you start or move forward with your journey of teaching Spanish to your children at home.

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Have you ever felt like you are missing those precious early years with your child teaching the language?.  Do you feel like you are pulling teeth when you ask them to speak Spanish. Have you felt disappointed that there are things you could be doing but there is no plan to follow?.  Do you wonder, how in the world other people are doing it? 

I got you!   I felt the same way. That is why I created this exclusive program that helped me conquer consistency and mastery on raising little bilingual learners.  Let's chat and see if this program can help you during your journey.  I will be happy to meet you for sure!    Nos vemos pronto! .- Ana  BOOK HERE

Our Spanish program will help you to ...

Have a clear plan

on how to help you child speak Spanish through a step by step blueprint that will unlock the needed connection.

Have a structured weekly program 

so you do not have to create scenarios to engage your child with the language.

Have weekly support  

with a native Spanish speaker/teacher and friends embarked on the same journey.

Have consistency

as you will see your child and yourself speaking and singing in Spanish far long after our classes. 


Your child can learn  to speak Spanish while singing, playing, and crafting with you. Join and live the language with us. We work together to conquer CONSISTENCY one day at the time. 

Hola!  I am Ana Yavorsky, and I help bilingual moms go from not know exactly how to help their children speak more  Spanish at home , to becoming confident and consistent with the language now and the years to come.


Have you heard that a written intention with a plan brings results? That is one of the things I have done for over 10 years of teaching Spanish to little ones and with my own children. There is no more throwing spaghetti to the wall and see what sticks. My experience as a teacher helped me to make a plan as I made the decision to make things happen. Are you ready to make things happen for YOU?. We all start on day one!. I started on day one! 


Who is Ana

A mother of four, a veteran's wife, and the founder and CEO of Spanish Play Dates©.  After my first child was born, I knew that in order to share my roots with my baby, we needed to be able to communicate in the same language. Spanish was that bridge I found to connect in a deeper level while sharing my story and traditions.

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Student Success

Betsy - Mom

"I love that my daughter signs the Spanish songs long after classes. She has been learning and retaining all the new vocabulary. The most exciting part for me was that she came to me and said her first sentence in Spanish, and actually knowing what the words meant".