Have you wished you can practice your Spanish with your children this Summer?

bilingual children bilingual families spanish 2020 spanish camp for children spanish summer camp summer camp 2020 Jun 27, 2020

Have you wished to have time to practice Spanish with your children?
Have you dreamed about knowing how to start teaching the Spanish to them?
Have you wished there is a way to do it at home with someone guiding you?
Look no further! Your wish came true!
This Summer we are on a mission to use the language with early learners, families looking into starting the journey of bilingualism, maintaining the Spanish they already know, and supporting their efforts with extra live exposure at the convenience of their home!
If this is you... WELCOME to our family!
Check more details on how our Spanish camp will be developed in July and August. Discover 3 bonuses just for families participating in our camp.
If you are ready to rock and roll the language, CLICK and be part of our students. Entire families working together to practice the language.
::: Practice makes a difference ::: Get involved in your child's language journey and make it happen. If not now, when?



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