Hello There. Sonia here!

I am a mother of 2 girls (3 yrs. & 9mo.) and 1 boy (2 yrs.). I stumbled upon Mrs. Ana’s classroom on Instagram. I read about the different techniques she uses to help caregivers teach Spanish to their babies. I knew instantly this was what I have been searching for. I decided to become part of “The Spanish Classroom” because I needed help in exposing my children to our language and culture. I moved away from my extended family 13 years ago, where most speak fluent Spanish. I was struggling with where to even begin. How do I start teaching my toddlers and baby Spanish when I am not fluent and do not have others around me daily to help support my goal in speaking Spanish regularly to me and to them? Since joining The Spanish Classroom, I have been able to start interacting with my babies in Spanish through music, arts and crafts, games, and stories! I feel so much support in this community of caregivers and Mrs. Ana, our teacher, whom I know are always there available to answer any of my questions and rejoice in our little and big accomplishments. Hearing my 3-year-old attempt to sing one of Mrs. Ana’s Spanish songs is clear evidence to me that this program works and my decision in joining The Spanish Classroom was all worth it and such a blessing to our family. I would HIGHLY recommend any caregiver and children to try Mrs. Ana’s Spanish Classroom. “


Hello There. Rabina here!

I am a mother of two who is excited to hear my children speak Spanish with one another and hopefully myself one day!. I decided to become a part of the Spanish classroom because I want my children to be bilingual, but more than that, I want to raise children who love language.

Before joining I was struggling with including Spanish into our daily routine. I do not speak Spanish so it was really important that I have easy, accessible and relevant material for my children.

“Spanish Classroom” has created an outlet for my daughter to engage with other students and Ms. Ana. The classes are engaging and interactive. She is always excited for the videos and live classes. Our 5-year-old daughter will sing Spanish songs on her own and because of “Spanish Classroom” Spanish books and music are now a part of our life.

I would recommend Spanish Classrooms to other parents because I know it works. Our daughter can read and write words in Spanish. I’ve seen the positive impact it has on her development and confidence. Joining Spanish Classrooms is one of the best decisions we have made as parents. “