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How can I help you? 

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"Before I joined the Spanish Classroom I struggled with structure and consistency, but now that I have seen a significant attitude change on my daughter as she looks forward to our classes together. "


"Before joining the Spanish Classroom I struggled with including Spanish into our daily routine. I do not speak Spanish, so it was really important to have easy, accessible and relevant material. My 5 y/o gets all excited to watch the videos and attend live classes. Now she sings Spanish songs on her own and that music is part of our life"

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There is a path I created for my own children, and I duplicated it 4 times.  I have used the same system with my little students, and those families who are consistent see results. I do not promise a magic pill to make this happen at once, but I promise you will be in charge, empowered, and with a plan to follow everyday.