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Live Immersion Meeting with friends

$16.00 USD

Hola familia!
During this live meeting with friends we will work on the following:
* Our objective will be to create the environment to use the language while cooking, crafting, painting, creating, etc. 
* Our targeted activities during our meetings are:
1) Singing
2) Following directions
3) Creating 
4) Speaking
What will you need?
Each meeting has specific materials, ingredients, or extras detailed in our WEBSITE in our website. Please refer to the event you are purchasing so you know what is needed from you.  This is valid for one time meeting You can purchase as many as you want, or become a member and excel living the language with your little learners. 
YOU WILL SEE THE LOGIN INFORMATION ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR PAYMENT.  A link will be sent to your email to login to our platform. Once you login, click on your product and open the tab for the login details.
If you have any questions, please let me know at [email protected]
All our meetings/classes/programs are designed for children 2-6+ years old.  If your child is 7,8, or even 9 can participate as well as long as you are ok with it.  We do have older children participating with us (ages 7-9) ;)
This is a one time payment for the family, so if you have 2, or 3 children, there is not extra cost. 
If you are part of our members, you can login directly through the information in our classroom.   If you are a family interested in our full membership that includes meetings for parents and children, please click here and make an appointment to explore your options. 

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