DIY  or done with you courses/programs  + digital produts

DIY  or done with you courses/programs

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Spanish classes for your early learners (Teacher Lead with material)

Spanish immersion meetings with children and parents (online)


This program is for bilingual moms who need to go from struggling to teach the language at home, to becoming confident and consistent through regular classes for the little ones, regular meetings with moms, the use of specific techniques, and tactics to help mom master a long term strategy.  Below you can see a couple of samples of what every family have access to.  These videos are just maybe 10% of the program.  I wanted you to you to have an idea of what this program will provide for you.

Each family has a unique path and journey.  Each family has different types of learners, live different circumstances and have children different ages.  That is why this program is By application only.   Please book a little time with me throught the link below. If for some reason you are not able to attend any of these dates, send me an email to [email protected]

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The objective for our immersion classes and meetings with friends is to create environments where our children can experience the language by living it with other children.  Targeted activities are: Singing, following directions, creating, listening, and speaking.